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30 December 2016 @ 01:33 am
2016: My Killer Year  
This is the time of ear when people like me post self aggrandizing summaries of the Year That Was, and Everything We Accomplished.  According to many accounts, 2016 was a horrible year, one possessed of sentience and ill will towards mankind, either for claiming the lives of celebrities or for taking them from fans deluded into believing they had a personal connection to those celebs.  I don't know, 2016 was pretty OK for me.  In fact, other than a minority of voters in this country electing a racist shit bag moron as our next president, it was a banner year for me.

Early in the year, my last novel, BLACK CREEK, was published.  It was a straight horror novel, not an action-horror hybrid like the ones I've loved writing since 2004, when PERSONAL DEMONS was published.  When I write "last" I don't mean "most recent," I mean the Final One.  I started writing novels because I wanted to tell an epic, 10-book series about my occult detective, Jake Helman.  Along the way, I interspersed the six novels I got to write about the character with other tales, icluding a trilogy of werewolf novels, a zombie novella, Johnny Gruesome, etc.  Twelve novels, two novellas, one nonficion book.  A decent body of work, especially when combined with my film output.  Other than one more Jake Helman novel that I would like to write (but have not been invited to write), I've pretty much told every story I was burning to tell in prose.

This year I also worked on three Fred Olen Ray cabe TV movies that came to town,  It's fast work, two-week shoots, and the films always come to town when I need cash, and I enjoy working with all the folks involved.  I get hired as the Key Set PA, which isn't particularly challenging aside from the physical requirement of standing on my feet 14 hoursa day, but it's fun.

I had a bunch of movie releases this year: KILLER RACK was released on DVD and VOD, and SLIME CITY and SLIME CITY MASSACRE were released as a double feature Blu-ray and on VOD.  SLIME CITY is also available on Shudder TV, and my most obscure film, NAKED FEAR, was just released on Amazon Prime.  So five different projects of mine were released in one year in various formats, and that's pretty fucking good.

But the most important thing I got to do this year was make JOHNNY GRUESOME, a $250,000 film based on a screenplay I wrote back in 1984, and on the novel published in 2007 and 2008.  I finally got to make my dream project, with my biggest budget yet, a full crew and a great cast.  I'd hoped to be finished with it by now, but the end of January is the new goal.

This is the first film project based on one of my books, but I don't think it will be my last.  In 2016 I also developed The Jake Helman Files as a potential TV series with an excellent established film director/TV series showrunner.  You never know what will "go" and what will fizzle, but this is the first time I've had someone with a full management team behind him pushing one of my projects, and he put together a seriously awesome presentation package, so who knows?  And if a TV series should actually materialize, maybe I will be asked to continue the novels.  I've also been working on a film/TV version of my novella CARNAGE ROAD, with and without other people, and suspect that will be my next project.

Some things never change, and it wouldn't bethe end of the year if I wasn't toeing the edge of a financial abyss, but that's 2017's problem.