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The Gregory Lamberson Files

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Gregory Lamberson
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I write novels and make movies.
anubis award for horror, art, assistant director, author, bram stoker award finalist, buffalo, cheektowaga, comedy, cosmic forces, crime drama, cult, culture, democrat, desperate souls, director, fangoria, fantasy, fiction, filmmaker, genre, horror, horror writers association, huffington post, international thriller writers, ippy gold medal, johnny gruesome, left, medallion press, monster, monsters, movies, music, naked fear, new york, noir, novelist, personal demons, politics, post apocalyptic, production manager, rue morgue, science fiction, screenwriter, slime city, slime city massacre, snow shark, supernatural, the frenzy cycle, the frenzy war, the frenzy way, the frenzy wolves, the jake helman files, tortured spirits, undying love, werewolf, werewolves, western new york, zombie, zombies