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12 April 2016 @ 07:57 am
Slime Shudder  

SLIME CITY, which I directed in 1986 and which first oozed onto a screen in 1988, is now available on Shudder, the subscription TV horror channel.  This is huge news for me.  A GIF of the film recently posted on the Shudder Facebook page generated 1.2K likes.  More people will see the movie than ever before, and it's a kick to see it listed alongside such cult films as Larry Cohen's Q, Lloyd Kaufman's THE TOXIC AVENGER, and Larry Fessenden's Q.  Not bad for a sloppy little film made by a 21 year old filmmaker who had no idea what he was doing.  And the best part is that the film can be seen by fans in glorious HD for the first time.  Also: this is just the start as the film marches toward its 30th anniversary.

It's bee a busy month for me.  BLACK CREEK, my 12th novel and 15th book, was published by Medallion.  Positive reviews are slowly trickling in (and a couple of negative ones), and I did a local book signing last week at Talking Leaves Books.  KILLER RACK just screened at two film festivals on Saturday: Fantastic Cinema & Beer Craft Festival in Little Rock, Arkansas, and Toronto International Spring of Horror and Fantasy in my beloved Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  A group of us made the drive to Toronto and had a good time.  Three more festivals to go in our run, bringing the total to 17.  Our DVD release has been pushed back from late summer to fall.

CREEPERS, the horror anthology featuring GAVE UP THE GHOST, the short film I produced and directed from Jeff Strand's short story/script, will soon be available on DVD after selling out its limited edition Blu-ray.  The film served as a comic dry run for KILLER RACK, and every actor in the short appears in the Rack.  It can be yours for the low price of $12 on Amazon.

I am days away from finalizing a deal for my next film, which will be the biggest project I've ever tackled.