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18 February 2013 @ 08:34 am
A Liitle Shark, a Little Storm, a Little Dry Bones in Your Pants  
Tomorrow is the official DVD release date for Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast; it's also the day I submit the manuscript for Storm Demon, Book Five in The Jake Helman Files.

Snow Shark is the brain fish of Sam Qualiana, a local filmmaker from Lockport.  It's a feature length sequel/reboot of a short film Sam made as a much younger man, and the short is included on the DVD, along with two other shorts, "Something After Midnight" and "A Love Story."  Sam wrote, directed and stars in the feature version, which was filmed on his family's property in the winter of 2011.  I produced the film, which is being released by Independent Cinema, a new imprint of POP Cinema/Alternative Cinema, the same company that released my films Slime City, Undying Love and Naked Fear (all available on the 2-disc set Greg Lamberson's Slime City Grindhouse Collection).  I produced the film, and I've been talking about it for what feels like forever, but it's a long process from conceiving a film to finishing it and getting it released.  POP designed a great cover for the film, which will be available for rent at many Family Video.locations.


I wrote Storm Demon, all 93,000 words of it, in ten weeks.  That's a record for me, but it was just a matter of putting my nose to the grindstone.  This one is full of surprises, none of which I wish to spoil, but I do love this cover art by Arturo Delgado and Jim Tampa at Medallion Press, which publishes the novel in October.  When I wrote Personal Demons I hoped it would spawn a series, and I'm indebted to Medallion for making that possible.


We're a month away from shooting Dry Bones, the next micro-budget opus.  I wrote the script and am producing, and Michael O'Hear is directing and starring; he initiated this one.  Melantha Blackthorne and Kevin Van Hentenryck co-star.  We just reached our $3,000 fundraising goal on IndieGoGo two weeks before our deadline, which is great news.  We're still accepting donations here:


Arick ArtI

I have five convention appearances lined up for this year which I'll be announcing soon.