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14 February 2013 @ 09:28 am
DRY BONES Part II: Dark Bites & IndieGoGo  
The Second Installment of a blog devoted to an upcoming horror film project:

I started the IndieGoGo campaign for DRY BONES, a horror-comedy film I'm producing from my own script, which Michael O'Hear is directing, with trepidation.  I've used investors for all of the previous films I produced and most of those investors have returned for additional projects.  I view the investor route as the professional way to go, and I lined up more investor capital for DRY BONES than I did for SNOW SHARK (coming to DVD in five days!  Look for it in Family Video), but the fact remains that it's hard to raise money in the current economic environment.   I didn't wathnt to make DRY BONES, which starts shooting in a little over a month, for $10,000, so I launched an IndieGoGo campaign to supplement my investor contributions.

You've seen people campaign for IndieGoGo or Kickstarter for all manner of projects: it gets annoying, and filmmakers - who have been conditioned toward desperation - can be among the most unbearable.  As Mr. White said to Saul on BREAKING BAD when his son started a charity website for him, "It's cyber begging, rattling a tin cup for the whole world."  

I took the plunge because I saw other micro-budget filmmakers funding their entire films this way, and also because I saw people raise money for films that will never be made or for finished.    Because I have a track record for finishing projects and getting them released, I believed I could reach a realistic goal.  With just over 15 days remaining in our campaign, we've already raised $2,510 out of our $3,000 goal, which is pretty respectable.  We've also begun pre-production: our special make-up effects team has cast the faces of two of our actresses, including Melantha Blackthorne, and we had a cast reading which went well.

Here's an audio interview that Rick Hipson conducted with me about the project and fundraising process for his DARK BITES blog; he added photos for YouTube and some pretty funny commentary. Thanks for the help, Rick!

And here's the home page for our campaign, where you can read more about the film or make a small (or generous) contribution: